Using microorganisms to clean up petroleum and VOC contamination,
respond to soil and groundwater contamination, and remediate wastewater

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Wastewater Treatment Services

We apply the power of microorganisms to solve various problems for on-site wastewater treatment.

Service Description

In the past, factories, restaurants, and other establishments with special wastewater needs struggled with the complexity and cost of dealing with foul odors, oil recovery, and the cleaning of drain pipes. BioRangers uses bioremediation, an approach that applies the power of microorganisms, to solve these and other problems associated with on-site wastewater treatment.

The Oppenheimer Formula, a complex biopreparation effective in breaking down oil, reliably and swiftly clears away the oil that is the source of foul odors. Furthermore, wastewater is treated using only existing facilities, so this approach is both simple and economical in its undertaking.

Eliminates Oil from Drain Pipes The Oppenheimer Formula, a complex biopreparation, breaks odor-causing oil down into water and CO2.
Much Less Cost and Complexity Treatment of wastewater with existing facilities and the absence of any need for chemical agents, means no secondary contamination of wastewater, and much less cost and complexity.
Possible Even Where Space is Limited With no need for large pieces of equipment, our wastewater services can be performed even where space is limited.

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Service Flow

Before any wastewater treatment work is actually performed, we conduct treatability tests to confirm biopreparation effectiveness. If effectiveness is indicated, we estimate the time and cost of completing the treatment work. We handle all project preparations, and remove oil and other contaminants. Performing all functions beginning with treatability testing, proceeding through project preparation, implementation, and monitoring, we greatly reduce the cost and complexity of wastewater treatment for customers.

Wastewater treatment tanks Wastewater treatment tanks


Biopreparation effectiveness against the pollutants in the wastewater is verified in treatability testing.

Consultation Treatment Plan Proposal

Through meticulous consultation and an on-site plant survey, we develop and propose a treatment plan optimal for the customer's needs.

Installation and Test Run

Treatment devices are installed in accordance with the treatment plan and a test run is performed to establish optimal operation.

Actual Operation Regular Maintenance

Operation is regularly monitored, and biopreparation and microorganism nutrients are added, to maintain treatment effectiveness.

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Treatment Method

Based on a consideration of treatment device designs that would work with the customer's facilities, methods that could be used with existing facilities, and other factors, we propose treatment methods optimal for customer needs.

Wastewater Treatment Methods

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